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Please help us with our Church Ministries

Saint Joseph Christian Episcopal (C.M.E.) Church is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We are a predominately African-American congregation engaged in ministries that are relevant to the needs of our community and parishioners in a diverse multicultural global community. We seek to fulfill the mandate of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all human kind, and to accomplish this mission we identify ourselves as a "church without walls."

Part of our service to the community includes a five-day-a week food pantry for residents of the community. This allows us to feed the hungry; the homeless and those who are away from home due to illnesses of loved ones.

We are looking to people like you to help provide us with the dollars that we need to continue our work of ministry. As you know, all contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Your Donations help our Church Ministries

and improve the lives of our community.

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