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Using the links on the left side of the screen, you can explore all of the pages in this feature. To return to the main screen at any time, click on Home. Throughout the CD are thumbnail images, which you can click to view an array of full-size photographs or to watch video clips. The interactive learning activities are intended for classroom use under the supervision of a teacher.

We recommend Apple's QuickTime player, available for free download from Apple's web site (apple.com) to play these various types of multimedia.

Some of the maps in this feature are animated and require Macromedia Shockwave, available for free download from Macromedia's web site (macromedia.com).

Photo Credits

Banner: � Bettmann/Corbis

Background: � Bettmann/Corbis

Top to bottom: � Bettmann/Corbis
Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Rick Friedman/Black Star
� Bettmann/Corbis
� Jamie Painter/Corbis